Sweatfit is the principal strength and conditioning program for people of all shapes and sizes.


Our mission is to give our Sweatfitters an elegant lifestyle for fitness.

This fitness program that is, by design, broad, general and inclusive. Sweatfit is desgined to change the industry, improve the health and lifestyle of all people we touch. 

the creator

Craig Sweat is the Founder of Sweatfit and Creator of  Jumpfit a new brand of fitness. Craig is a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor with a business background who maintains a strong network of clients that are changing their lives with the Jumpfit method.

As a child Craig struggled with obesity and low self esteem. He had poor eating habits and no knowledge of exercise and healthy living. Craig became increasingly unhappy with his lifestyle of poor choices and decided he had to change his life. 

He began to educate himself on nutrition and exercise. Determined to become healthy he began to adopt a new way of  thinking. He knew he had to change his relationship with food.  He now "eats to live and not live to eat". Craig believes our bodies are our temples and we must take care and nurture our bodies by healthy eating and exercise.

Craig now believes it is his life's calling - his mission to show others how they too can change their lives and become healthy, happy and whole.


      Craig is determined to change the way society views fitness.